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Nemox Gelato Chef 5L Automatic i-Green

99,000.00 ฿
Ice cream Machine Nemox - Gelato Chef 5L Automatic i-Green

• Max Production per cycle : 1 kg
• Production time per cycle : 17-20 minutes
• Electric current: 220-240V 50Hz
• Electric power: 250W
• Size: W 45 D 32 H 31.5 cm
• Weight: 22 kg

Gelato Chef 5L Automatic i-Green is a semi-professional, table top gelato machine.
It has been specifically developed for restaurants and small businesses who wish to include the production of homemade gelato, but have a limited budget while still aiming for quality standards. 

This machine is made of steel and is equipped with a storage mode that allows to hold the gelato in the machine at the right temperature and consistency ready for serving. Gelato Chef 5L Automatic i-Green comes with a 18/10 stainless steel removable bowl. The mixing paddle is also made of 18/10 stainless steel with removable scrapers to ensure hygiene and strength. Gelato Chef 5L Automatic i-Green is suitable for productions of 1000 g. approximately every 20 minutes. Air cooling. Removable power cord. Two operating options are available.

In manual mode the user has full control of the machine’s functions. An electronic system controls the density of the ice cream and stop the paddle when the consistency gets hard while compressor keeps working. At this point the user can decide whether to stop the machine or switch to the automatic storage mode.

In automatic mode, machine’s functions are controlled entirely by the sophisticated electronic control system.

Simply activate the storage switch. The production cycle will star and, when the ice cream will be at the right consistency, the storage cycle will be activated.

A dedicated software manages to start and stop the mixing paddle and compressor depending on the ingredients’ density in order to keep the ideal consistency for serving. In order to always enjoy an excellent ice cream, we recommend to store the ice cream in the machine for maximum 8 hours.

Some useful tips:

For the preparation of ice creams and sorbets, do not introduce more than 1.000g of mixture, in order to allow for proper volume increase while mixing.
It is recommended to pour the mixture at a temperature between +10°C and +20°C. Higher temperatures may also considerably increase the processing time. Before introducing the mixture into the bowl, we recommend that you run a pre-cooling cycle by pressing the key compressor 5 minutes before starting the production cycle.

We recommend to wait about 10 minutes between one preparation and another.
The design of Gelato Chef 5L Automatic i-Green highlights its “green” heart: being ecological, more efficient, energy saving, and environmentally friendly.

Accessories included:
n. 1 stainless steel removable bowl 2,5 l.

n. 1 spatula
n. 1 measure cup
n.1 Removable inserts set for fixed and removable bow



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